Pricing Guide


How we price

Today's weddings are not cookie-cutter affairs. They typically share some common elements (most couples opt to carry or wear flowers; something to dress up the table is usually present), but styles and needs vary greatly from one celebration to another. For this reason, we don't have an across-the-board minimum, as many designers do. We love creating for elopements and intimate affairs as much as grand galas, and aim to be flexible enough to accommodate a range of styles and needs. 

Our prices are based on the types of flowers used and the complexity of the design, quantities desired, and the labor required to pull it all off. Since these elements vary from one event to another, we'll need some information from you to get started. Shoot us a quick line with whatever details you have at this time and we will respond with a custom quote in a timely manner. 

Since you've landed on this page, however, we're guessing that you'd like some information now. Maybe you're loving our style and approach, but  want to know if our services align with your budget before you reach out. We get that! You'll find some average prices below, based on the lush, garden style that is popular with many of our couples. If you feel that you're looking for something more minimal or more opulent, know that the pricing will vary accordingly. 


Sample Prices

Please not that these are ballpark figures only. Actual prices may vary based on flower choice, design complexity, scale and quantity . For the most accurate pricing information, please fill out our contact form with as much detail as you have at this time. We will respond with a custom quote tailored to your needs.

Personal Flowers

Bridal Bouquet     $275

Attendant Bouquet     $75

Boutonniere     $16

Corsage, Pin      $24

Corsage, Bracelet     $34

Flower Crown     $75+

Table Flowers and Decor

Budvase     $15+

Cocktail Arrangment     $35+

Medium Centerpiece Arrangement     $150

Elevated Centerpiece     $300

Greenery Garland, no flowers     $18/ft

Garland, with flowers     $27/ft