Our Philosophy

While our designs vary from season to season and project to project, our values are steady and consistent. They inform everything that we do.

First and foremost, we believe that giving and receiving flowers should be a pleasure. No matter how small (or how grand) the gesture, it is something that we do out of love, compassion, joy and appreciation. We are honored to share these moments with you and aim to make the experience enjoyable, from beginning to end. 

We believe in nurturing the land and people that give us flowers. As a proud member of the Slow Flower community, we go the extra mile to source  from growers in our region who are responsible stewards of their land. Shortening the distance from farm to florist minimizes the carbon footprint—and maximizes the freshness—of the flowers at your event. Purchasing locally means that we know our growers, and the efforts that they take to be good stewards of their land. Many hold Salmon Safe certifications, use biological pest controls instead of noxious pesticides, or have taken steps to maximize their energy efficiency. All share a concern for the health of their soil, their product, and their customers. It is a great joy for us to support these growers and their families, which in turn benefits us—and you!—with increased access to more varieties of flowers grown locally, with love and care. 

We believe in seeking sustainable alternatives to conventional methods. Events  are notorious for producing a lot of waste. This doesn’t sit right with us or or clients, so we have implemented practices to minimize waste and lessen our burden on the environment. We compost all botanical material in the studio, and after your event. We never use floral foam, a common but extremely hazardous and non-biodegradable material, in our designs. We are often pleasantly surprised when, after sorting out the compost and recycling, we are left with nothing but a few handfuls of wire and plastic zip ties to send to the landfill. 

These practices go a long way, but we know that there is always room to improve, which is why we pledge to continually assess and refine our methods, educate our selves, our customers and our peers, and generally do all that we can to promote a healthy, sustainable floral industry.  



Photo by Caron Nicole Photography © by Caron Nicole Photography